We’re so glad you’ve joined us. Leaves of Gratitude was started with the intention to innovate the way in which our community can spread their love, kindness and appreciation for one another. In a world surrounding us with negative influences, we aspire to provide intentional actions that will help build a stronger community through love. Our team at Leaves of Gratitude truly believes that in order to become better people, we must learn how to love more. We hope to provide this service for you!

Besides the concept of verbally spreading love and gratitude, at Leaves of Gratitude we believe that actions speak louder than words. We are working on a project that will make sharing your love with friends and family so easy, yet so dear. Through the service that we provide, you will also be able to track just how far your gratitude intentions have traveled since your first gifted package was sent.

Additionally, we pledge to plant one tree for every LOG Intention Package sent, to keep our gratitude flowing not only through human connection, but through mother nature as well.