My name is Veronica Rae Jones, I’m 21 years old and currently based out of Kelowna, BC, Canada. Alongside building our dream of spreading love and gratitude with the Leaves of Gratitude movement, I also find deep passion in competitive powerlifting and pursuing a post-secondary education in which my current end goal is a Kinesiology degree!screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-3-25-30-pm

Let’s start from my beginning: I grew up outside of Toronto, ON with my younger brother and two older sisters. Eventually, our family was blessed once again when my nephew was brought into our lives! Just last summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to watch my Mum marry the love of her life. It brings me so much bliss to watch the ones I love, thrive in even more love! My entire family inspires me to love harder, work with passion and live genuinely and true to my heart.

After highschool, I moved to Ottawa, ON to attend Carleton University. I actually didn’t spend much time there as I didn’t feel 100% passionate about my studies, but I did manage to meet a very influential person who will forever hold a piece of my heart – my business partner and dear friend, Elena! After doing some moving around back and forth between Toronto and Ottawa, I then decided to follow my heart to British Columbia.

The big move out west was inspired by a 10 day hiking trip in the Yosemite Valley area in California. I went on this trip while I was still living in Ontario, but once I returned back home, I knew I needed to be in the mountains. So, I narrowed my search down to Kelowna, found myself an apartment and made the move on a whim! I had a few job interviews lined up and it couldn’t have been more perfect! I’ve lived in Kelowna for almost two years now, found deeper passion to live an amazing, influential life, and now I am back in school, working to make my dreams come true.

As I mentioned before, my main academic goal is to acquire a degree in the Kinesiology and/or Sports Nutrition area. I aspire to coach adolescents in this field, and very specifically, my biggest long-term goal in regards to this is to have a teaching-based practice that focuses on young women’s healthy development as they may experience the outer influences of a negative media/society.

I love powerlifting because it not only makes me feel badass and strong as hell, but it has also helped me in overcoming some detrimental eating habits and a poor body image. It is something that I have to work on every day, but powerlifting has absolutely shifted the focus from petty worries, to allowing myself to watch my body grow stronger and become more functional! I have always loved competitive sports; growing up, competing and being “on-stage” has always been an area that I’ve thrived in. I love putting in hard work, then showing it off in competition. I aspire to become elite-level in my lifetime!

Lastly, I love to write. Some people draw, paint, sing or dance, but writing makes me feel so creative and free! I run a part-time blog/online journal where I write about my athleticism, wild adventures and keeping my mental well being in a hectic world! You can check it out at,!

I am sending my love out to you! Thank you for caring to hear my story and what has brought me here today to co-create Leaves of Gratitude.

Leaves of Gratitude inspires me because I am constantly reminded of the goodness in this world. I love love, and providing others with the tools to spread their love is a magical phenomenon the watch unfold. I can’t wait to watch the Leaves of Gratitude grow!